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Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service


15 Years as a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Back in our 5th year of business (2002) we became concerned because we saw lots of sketchy flat fee MLS listing websites popping up. Dissatisfied customers of those websites often called us to ask for help and wondered who they could complain to. We noticed many of those websites getting bad grades by the Better Business Bureau.

Another Sale-Killing Flat Fee MLS Listing Tactic To Watch Out For: The Buyer Agent Commission Payment Hidden Loophole

Imagine if your boss at work asked you to sign a new employment agreement that said “Employee to receive $3,000 per month (or whatever your regular compensation is) via ABC Company, Inc. (your employer's name) but only $1.00 will be guaranteed. Company, Inc. does not guarantee payment of compensation.”

A new BuySelf seller writes "Thank you for telling it like it is"

I chose your flat fee listing service because I did A LOT of looking on [unnamed company F] and [unnamed company O] and while [company F] looked super fancy and gave me a lot of information, I emailed them with questions and never received a reply. I called [company O] with a question and sat on hold for A LONG time before I hung up. Being accredited by the BBB was what caught my attention and then exploring your website confirmed tips that I had read on informational websites on selling home by owner and that was making sure the sign says something about working with buyer agents.

The Costliest Mistakes Made by Flat Fee Home Sellers

I recently came across a flat fee listing from a well known, large flat fee MLS listing brokerage. This company probably has the fanciest looking website out there, and they market their service really well. If only they could market their MLS listings as well. This listing had so many mistakes on it. Now when I say mistakes I do not mean typos or showing 2 bedrooms instead of 4. The mistakes I saw were mistakes in agent friendliness—this listing would quickly convince any buyer agent to not show the property.

Another Great Media Article about Flat Fee MLS Listing versus traditional Realtors for home sales

This past Sunday there was an excellent Sunday Feature Article in the Real Estate Section of the Sunday Newspaper in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The article quoted BuySelf Realty Lead Broker Albert Hepp and was entitled "By owner or with broker: Home sellers have options." The author, Maryann Bouche, clearly did her research.

Why most flat fee listings get an D+ grade on buyer motivation to buy

The sad truth is that most flat fee MLS listings confuse, alienate, or repel the majority of buyers. Even worse, the flat fee seller doesn't know how repulsive their listing is, because buyers/agents don't contact sellers to explain why they won't view the property. Not only does the seller not know their listing stinks, there isn't any way for them to learn how to improve their listing. So all the seller knows is that their house isn't selling. Is it the price? Am I listed in the right MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

What is NOT included in a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

As a flat fee home sale Broker, we focus on communicating what is included in our service. The other day someone asked the opposite question—what is not included in a flat fee listing? That is a really good question, so let's have at it:
First, let's eliminate some misconceptions about what is included in traditional Realtor service with the huge commission.
What is not included with traditional agent listings or flat fee MLS listings: