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Closing Arrangement

Closing Arrangement Service

 BuySelf Realty can arrange the closing for you:

  • BuySelf makes sure everyone is communicating
  • BuySelf stays on top of the details
  • You don't have to worry about the paperwork

 Closing arrangement includes coordinating standard communication necessary for closing between seller and: buyer's Realtor(s) or buyer, buyer's mortgage lender, property appraiser, buyer's closing company, the real estate closer, and buyer's title company or attorney.

What must be done for a successful closing - The closing process involves paperwork that must be sent, completed and reviewed by all of the parties, in a strict sequence, to comply with federal laws, mortgage lender requirements, and to successfully close on time. One error can delay the closing and possibly cause one party to breach their contractual obligations.
What you don't have to worry about - BuySelf Realty's professional staff will coordinate the communication and paperwork between the parties so you don't have to. This valuable service helps you avoid mistakes that could delay or derail your closing. You can focus on packing and moving, not learning the minute details of a successful real estate transaction. BuySelf will schedule the closing with all the necessary participants, including the title company which will process all the necessary paperwork for the closing.
Parties Involved In Closing Communication - Setting up closing can be confusing. It involves communication with:
  • the buyer,
  • the seller,
  • the buyer's mortgage lender,
  • the property appraiser,
  • the buyer's closing company,
  • the real estate closer,
  • the buyer's title company or attorney (or both), and
  • the buyer's Realtor.
Caution about Lender Pre-Approval Letters - Don't make the mistake of thinking that because a buyer has an agent and a lender pre-approval letter that "everything is already done." Pre-approval letters, even strongly written ones, are never legally binding or enforceable. Most transactions that fail to close actually had a pre-approval letter from a lender, so don't expect that having a letter is a magical solution to the process of loan approval and on time closing.
Important Notice - Purchasing this service does not guarantee a successful closing. This service communicates the standard transactional information necessary to close with the appropriate participants. Any failure on their part to communicate and correctly perform their responsibilities may delay or destroy the transaction, in addition to normal transaction risks, including but not limited to lender rejection of buyer, property title problems, etc.