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Key Lockbox

Am I required to use a key lockbox?
Answer: It is completely optional but highly recommended for any MLS listing. Any MLS listing in the MLS, no matter what company listed it, will see fewer showings without a lockbox. Agents are reluctant to show homes without lockbox access because they know that no lockbox makes it much more difficult to persuade the buyer to buy the home.  Buyers rate "stalker sellers" as the worst part of the home buying process, a lockbox enables a seller to create the ideal home selling environment, just like high commissioned agents do.

What is the advantage of using a key lockbox? 
Answer: The key lockbox enables the environment most likely to result in an offer: the buyer and their agent walking through the property undistracted and unhurried. The buyers don't feel like they are imposing upon the sellers time. They can freely talk about what they like and dislike with their spouse/friend and agent. The agent can respond to that feedback without fear of offending the seller or starting an argument. The buyer is comfortable, doesn't feel like someone is waiting to get their house back, and can freely imagine living in the home. They haven't been distracted by meeting a stranger, wondering if they should make small talk with the seller, or been bowled over with a sales pitch from a stranger (the seller). The agent can focus on selling the home.

Can agents show my home any time they want if I use a key lockbox? 
Answer: No. You still must individually approve each showing. If you prefer that agents be able to show the home without contacting you there are often options that allow this to occur. 

How do agents get the lockbox combination? 
Answer: We show you the real estate industry procedures for using a key lockbox that have been in place for 30+ years. These procedures are time-tested and are the reason that problems with key lockboxes are virtually unheard of.

What if I will be home during the showing anyway because I have children, pets, etc? 
Answer: The home is more likely to sell if you are not there. If the buyer sees you, even as you are leaving, they instinctively hurry through the home. There is nothing you can do or say to keep them from this behavior. Take the children and/or pets for a walk, to the mall, or a park. This may seem inconvenient, but it maximizes the opportunity to get an offer. If you insist upon being there, realize that this is less than ideal. This is not advice specifically for our customers, it applies to anyone selling their home through the MLS. We suggest you have a lockbox so that if a showing happens to be requested when you won't be at home, you don't need to be there.

Why don't other companies offer lockboxes with their MLS listings? 
Answer: Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of a key lockbox until they learn the facts. Other companies don't bother to tell home sellers how much it hurts you to not have a key lockbox.  BuySelf's service includes the education and tools for the seller to be informed of the most effective strategies.  Unfortunately, other flat fee companies' customers learn about lock boxes the hard way--by losing showings and delaying/jeopardizing their sale.

Are key lockboxes secure? 
Answer: Yes, they are built like padlocks and are extremely tough. They are probably stronger than your door or anything you would attach them to.

Are lockboxes useful after I have sold my home? 
Answer: Yes. The key lockboxes have many uses for people with children, elderly family members, recreational items, and much more:


  • After School Access for Children-don't worry about children losing their key.
  • Easy Access for Friends and Family-enable family/friends to water the plants, check your house, etc. with a phone call.
  • Maintenance People & Cleaning Personnel-combination is easy to change.
  • Emergency Access for the Elderly-vision impaired people can use this key lockbox.
  • Great for Joggers & Outdoor Sports-you don't need to carry your keys around anymore.
  • Recreational Vehicles, Boats, & Boat Lockers -now you don't have to remember those keys.
  • Bicycles and Motor Bikes
  • Vacation Properties & Rentals
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Construction Sites & Vehicles
  • Contractors & Subcontractors


The safest, most convenient key storage lock box on the market. 

A company has designed an all-metal key storage lock box that is the safest, most secure lock box on the market. Separate combinations open the shackle and key compartment -- and the combinations can be changed in seconds.

The lock box is so simple to use a child can open it, yet so versatile it will satisfy anyone, from home owners to boat owners, from construction workers to maintenance people.

This key lockbox offers Real Estate Professionals Quality and Reliability.

This key lockbox has the following advantages over other lockboxes:

  • Better Quality:  No plastic buttons or dials subject to weather and wear (planned obsolescence)
    This key lockbox has an all metal construction with brass dials that are chrome plated.  It is made  with durability in mind. .
  • Better Price: This key lockbox sells at around $10 less retail than the competition. 
  • Easier to Use-  This key lockbox opens up the first time, every time.  If you have used the competition's punch button or locker room dial, you know the importance of opening the first time in front of your clients.  "25 left, 14 right..." If you mess up on the dial or the punch button, you have to START OVER!  With this "4 dial" lockbox, you never have to start over.  
  • Easier to Recombinate-  With the competition, you need a mechanical degree and a screw driver to change their combination.  This key lockbox has a patented change button on the side whereby it only takes seconds and a coin or paperclip to change your combination.    Changing the combination on this box is a piece of cake!
  • No Front Face to Lose-  This key lockbox has a sliding door on the side and no front face that gets lost or falls off the front if someone does not place it on right.
  • Reduce Stolen Lock Boxes-  The competitor's lock box has a latch once the face is taken off whereby the shackle can be released and the box taken.   This key lockbox has one combination for the shackle and another for the Key Storage;  thus reducing the boxes stolen.
  • Zero Lock-  This key lockbox can be opened in the dark for your late workers.  Simply roll the dials up and away from you until the numbers all lock on zero and then count your numbers down from there.