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Guaranteed Paperwork Compliance

In select packages and areas: You're covered with our Worry Free service which Guarantees your home selling paperwork will be in compliance with real estate laws and regulations…or we give you your listing fee back!
No more worrying about if your home sale paperwork is correct! Contact us today for more details or list today to learn how Guaranteed Paperwork Compliance can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind!
What is the Guarantee?
Guaranteed Paperwork Compliance: Broker guarantees that seller will be informed of standard seller legal compliance requirements for a residential real estate transaction, such as listing and disclosure form requirements, standard contract requirements, and requirements for preparing for closing. This service does not involve legal advice, which real estate licensees are not allowed to provide (legal advice/questions, such as whether a fact must be disclosed, may only be answered by an Attorney). Unique seller situations, which occur in less than 2% of transactions, could require referral to other professionals who may charge the seller a fee. Examples of not covered unique situations include, but are not limited to: wells, septic/subsurface sewage systems, zoning, after closing disputes, breach of contract, environmental issues, local governmental/municipal/township/county requirements, termites, etc.
Limitations: This guarantee does not cover and is not a substitute for other insurance, such as coverage for title defects, boundary issues, errors or omissions by other professionals/vendors, or ownership issues could be covered by title insurance, survey, etc. This guarantee is not insurance or a guarantee a seller won't be sued. Compliance guarantee instructs a seller which standard forms are required, and is not a guarantee that the parties will complete the forms accurately and does not cover dishonesty, discrimination, forgetfulness, typos, non-compliance, refusal to cooperate, missed initials/signatures, or unresponsiveness by transaction parties/professionals. Available only is select areas and packages. Not available in all areas or all packages, and is optional and must be included as part of the listing agreement to be applicable to the listing/transaction.