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Who should NOT use flat fee MLS to sell?

Some people have a misconception that only experienced, sophisticated, and savvy home sellers should  use flat fee home sales to sell.  Not so. BuySelf Realty's services are designed for the first time home seller with no knowledge of real estate.  Here are some other types of sellers and situations that successfully use BuySelf Realty:

  • First time real estate owners selling for the first time are successful, (BuySelf Realty is the first time home seller specialist)
  • Out of state homeowners are successful,
  • Landlords selling tenant occupied rental properties have great success,
  • Estate, heirs, and probate sellers are successful,
  • Trust and power of attorney sellers have flat fee MLS success,
  • Sellers behind on mortgage payments or in foreclosure are successful, and
  • Short sale home sellers are successful at flat fee MLS home sales.

Many of BuySelf's 18,000 sellers had no prior knowledge or experience with flat fee home sales or real estate.  

Who should NOT sell with a flat fee MLS program. Don't use a flat fee broker if you:  

  • Are frequently unreachable for more than 48 consecutive hours and don't have someone who can cover for you during those times.
  • Are not willing to answer simple questions about the property over the phone or in writing.
  • Will discriminate against a buyer because of the buyer's race, religion, disability, family/veteran status, age, etc.
  • Only want to sell to a gullible buyer who can be taken advantage of.
  • Like paying huge traditional commissions on a real estate sale.
  • Don't care whether the transaction is completed in a legal manner.

Situations When NOT to use flat fee MLS to sell real estate:

  • Situations where all the property owners do not agree to sell the property.
  • If a seller plans to use agents to attract a buyer then not pay the commission they promised to the agent.
  • If the property has a big problem that will be intentionally hidden from unsuspecting buyers.
  • Selling a property that is currently involved in a lawsuit.

Other situations where sellers successfully use flat fee MLS listings:

  • Builders and Developers,
  • Limited Liability Company real estate sellers,
  • Trustees selling a property owned by a Trust,
  • Bulk sellers of multiple properties,
  • Financial Institutions with homes to sell, and
  • Corporations and Partnerships selling real estate.

This list is in addition to property owners looking for a lease or tenant, and/or commercial, industrial, raw land, lots, and subdivisions.  Note BuySelf Realty does not have expertise in short sales or foreclosures.

Alternate Title: What situations should a seller not use Flat Fee Home Sales?