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What information do I need to order your service?

To order, all you need is your contact information, name, phone number, your address. Email address is required if you want to order online. If you don't use email call us to order. Addresses: You can provide us one or more addresses-your contact address, your billing address where your credit card statements are sent, and the address where you want any shipped items (sign, lockbox, etc.) sent to. For some customers, each address (property for sale, shipping, & billing) is different, for many they are all the same address.

The property address you are selling is helpful, or at least the zip code, owner name, city and nearby street if you aren't sure. We have helped people sell properties that don't yet have an official street address, we can help in such situations.

Photos: You don't need to have your photos ready to order, but you typically will need them for your MLS listing to be activated. Most people upload/email us photos, but there are lots of options for how to get your photos posted.

Property details: You don't need to have every detail of your property in hand to order. We will provide you a questionnaire that shows all the information the MLS requires and allows, in the MLS format. Typically, the MLS has mostly structured "check the box" data, and very little written or free text fields on a listing. Having your property tax statement available can be helpful, but if you don't have the property tax information available we are happy to look it up for you.

Written property description or advertising text: You don't need to have a written description of your property ready to order. Also known as the listing remarks, the MLS has strict rules and character limits so we suggest you don't start writing until you know the character limit. We are happy to assist you with creating the remarks, and have detailed suggestions and advice for how to write the best remarks.

We pride ourselves on providing step by step guidance to sellers for the entire selling process.

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