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Highest Rated Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

How It Works

Generally, Yes. In fact, the Realtors Multiple Listing Service (MLS) requires that a listing display the amount of commission offered to the buyer agent if their buyer buys the property. An MLS listing shows buyer agents the commission they can earn, which is what motivates them to show and sell the listing. For example, if a seller is paying 6% to a traditional huge commission Realtor to list their home, that agent would typically offer 3% as the buyer agent commission.

MLS membership is typically needed to list a property in the MLS, and MLS membership generally requires:

  • membership in a Realtors Association, and
  • a real estate brokerage license in the State where the property is listed.

Our brokerage is licensed in the states where we offer service, and a member of the Realtor Association(s) that enable our brokerage to list properties in the MLS for the areas where we offer service.

We list your home the same way as Realtors who charge 6%. The MLS is the list of homes that all Realtors use to find a property for their buyers. Realtors in each local area all use this same MLS, maintained as a computer database by the Realtors Association. Our listings also show up on public websites like, the world’s most popular real estate website, as well as dozens, even hundreds of other popular websites.

Yes, sellers are free to hold as many open houses as they wish. It is not required to notify us when you have an open house, unless you are in an area where the MLS will list open houses, AND you wish for the open house to be listed on the MLS. In some areas, posting open houses in the MLS is an optional item that involves an additional charge. Let us know your zip code and we can let you know the options for your particular area.


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