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A new industry organization for flat fee brokers

Over the past year or so I have been recruiting flat fee brokers from all over the United States (including one in Puerto Rico) in the hope of starting an industry organization just for flat fee brokers.
I am proud to announce that my work has come to fruition and the American Real Estate Brokers Alliance has started. I already have more than ten brokers from Washington state in the West to Louisiana in the South to Massachusetts in the East to join and write checks. We even were mentioned in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, which characterized us as a rival to the National Association of Realtor, which is a little bit of a stretch.
I expect this organization to grow and be a great resource for flat fee brokers from every state to trade best practices for making our home sellers effective at selling in the MLS. Our website should be up and running soon, you can find it at http://www.AREBA.org
We had our first well-attended meeting in Washington, DC, with a happy hour afterward in the beautiful Union Station. What a place. I am excited to see what this group of real estate innovators will do.