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In Memorandum: Jesse Wallace, 1991-2017

It is with a heavy heart that we are letting everyone know that our beloved team member Jesse Wallace passed away unexpectedly last week. We are very much in shock at this news, as is his family. His family has requested prayer during this difficult time.

Jesse was tremendously talented at his work and was especially gifted at dealing with people who are stressed. Jesse was always the calm one within the storm when work would get stressful in the office. Jesse was a friend to everyone he worked with—he always found a way to get to know people better while working with them. Jesse was a man of insight, as he was always asking probing questions that showed both his natural curiosity and interest in people.

Jesse had the heart of an artist, as he was a talented musician who played guitar in the band Fahrenheit Falling.

Jesse will be missed dearly, in more ways than we can explain.