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BuySelf, Inc., Real Estate, Flat Fee MLS Listing Home Sales,Bloomington, MN recognized for internet marketing excellence by leading real estate website

Yesterday I was honored to accept an award on behalf of the entire BuySelf Realty team. It was the "Award of Excellence" for online marketing from the world leader in real estate marketing, It was humbling to be among the handful selected for the great work our team does marketing our sellers properties on the internet.
Since the beginning, BuySelf Realty has focused on being the best and strongest at marketing properties on the internet. Back in 1998 when I started flat fee listings, few of our competitors were on the web. We were the first that allowed someone to order a flat fee MLS listing, and then follow through and list their home all using our website, unassisted unless they wanted help. I remember my excitement, and how much the customers enjoyed this capability to do the work of listing a home at their convenience. And I still get a sense of satisfaction (and relief knowing I don''t have to have a team member available 24 hours per day) when I see customers who have successfully done the everything necessary to list their home in the MLS, with all the work done after 8pm.
Don't get me wrong, our customers have appreciated the strength of our internet marketing consistently from the beginning. But to finally have the king (or 800 pound gorilla) of real estate internet marketing formally recognize our excellence in this area is quite a treat for our team to celebrate. While I have known that we market our properties better than our competition, this further recognition from an impartial third party should make it even clearer to our customers. I don''t know of any other flat fee listing brokers that received this award.
I have been meaning to figure out the photo part of this blog for a while, so I will try to post a photo from the award ceremony next week.